Expedition car roof tents

Our company is engaged in the sale of dispatch tents for cars with a long tradition.

VisionX roof tents have been among the most popular and sought-after for several years, thanks to the high quality of materials, ease of installation and the spaciousness they offer. At the same time, they stand out for their high quality detail, wide selection of accessories as well as their affordable price.

VisionX prides itself on customer satisfaction and customer care and the roof tents we offer appeal to professional travellers, families, young people as well as senior citizens. In a matter of minutes, you can transform your car into a cozy, comfortable and affordable accommodation with our tents and surround yourself with all the comforts that a stay in the countryside has to offer. 

We also work closely with the official SUBARU dealer in Slovakia, where it is possible to see our tents in person in some stores.

Rooftop tents initially gained popularity with land adventurers who wanted to find a way to stay away from predators while exploring the Australian outback. But because of their convenience and ease of setup, campers everywhere covet them. Simply attach the tent to the vehicle’s roof rack and you can deploy it almost instantly by unfolding and extending the ladder. This means camping on trails, established or dispersed sites is possible in just a few moments.

Our company has been selling expedition car tents for many years, the quality and comfort of the materials used to make the tents are regularly tested and developed. On request, these tents can also be produced in different colour combinations. A sample list is sent on individual request.

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