Expedition car roof tents

We are a small family run business offering the highest quality roof tent services.
Our offer of tents can be found in the PRODUCTS tab, accessories for tents can be found in ACCESSORIES-Accessories for tents, here you can also find our offer of SOLAR SYSTEMS
Our advantages are, quality warranty and after-sales service, we always try to meet the customer’s needs, we keep the quality and we are constantly communicating with one of the world’s largest manufacturers of roof tents for further improvements. 
The development of our roof tents is ongoing, several times a year. We have also already put our hand to the work and a few improvements have been added to our roof tents on our recommendation by the manufacturer.
That is why we are already one of the largest roof tent dealers in Slovakia and we sell our roof tents in countries such as Austria, Hungary, Germany and the Czech Republic.
VisionX roof tents have been one of the most popular and sought-after roof tents for several years now, thanks to the high quality of the materials, the ease of installation and the spaciousness they offer. At the same time, they stand out for their high quality detail, wide selection of accessories as well as their reasonable price.
VisionX prides itself on customer satisfaction and customer care and the roof tents we offer appeal to professional travellers, families, young people as well as senior citizens. In a matter of minutes, you can transform your car into a cozy, comfortable and affordable accommodation with our tents and surround yourself with all the comforts that a stay in the countryside has to offer. 
We also work closely with the official SUBARU dealer in Slovakia, where it is possible to see our tents in some stores in person.
We already have several new products ready for you, we have in stock the first inflatable roof tents, we are adding camping showers to our range and we have a total of 8 types of roof tents in stock. We believe that you will find the right one.

You will find all THULE, YAKIMA and BUZZRACK products at our shop.